Kareena Kapoor Becomes UNICEF India Ambassador; Advocates For Children’s Rights

Taimur and Jeh’s mother, Kareena Kapoor, explained why they must respect their parents’ need to work.

UNICEF India named Bollywood actor Kareena Kapoor Khan as its new national ambassador on Saturday. At an event in Delhi, Kareena highlighted teaching her sons, Taimur and Jeh, the importance of respect and equality regardless of gender. Kareena also talked about her husband Saif Ali Khan’s parenting and how he is particular about their behaviour as parents in front of the kids.

Kareena as UNICEF India National Ambassador

UNICEF India on Saturday announced Bollywood star Kareena Kapoor Khan as its new national ambassador. The Crew star has been associated with UNICEF India since 2014. She will support the not-for-profit organisation in furthering every child’s right to early childhood development, health, education, and gender equality, a press release said.

“I will strive to use my voice and influence for vulnerable children and their rights, especially around early childhood, education, and gender equality. Every child deserves a childhood, a fair chance, and a future,” she added.

Kareena On Her Kids and Equality

Kareena said, “I feel that boys who see not just their father but also their mother work have some sort of respect for the fact that I can also be busy. Today they had a holiday and wanted me to be home but I told them I had to go to work. Taimur was like, ‘You are always going to Delhi and Dubai for work; I want to be with you.’ I told him that work is important too and I promise to come back and give him more time so that he doesn’t feel neglected in any way.”

According to Kareena, Taimur will learn to appreciate and comprehend that both of his parents work and then return home, fostering equality.

The Jab We Met actor also added, “Moreover, they pick up habits from how parents talk to each other. Saif always tells me that we talk to each other with love, and therefore our children will talk to each other and others with love. He is very particular about the fact that they are watching and learning from observation. That’s also how I try to inculcate respect in both my boys.”