Kareena Kapoor Khan Gets Witty At Trailer Launch Event, Fakes Jealousy At Kriti Sanon Fans Over Praising Only Her

Kareena Kapoor created a hilarious moment at the recent trailer launch of the film crew. The film is about 3 air hostesses played by Kareena, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon. It is at this trailer launch event that Kareena unknowingly shows off her witty banter.  She also showered a lot of praise on senior actress and co-star Tabu.

Kareena fakes jealousy and anger

At the launch, the media and fans went gaga over Kriti Sanon.  Kriti, overwhelmed with that tension,  started blushing. When the media persons did not stop admiring her, she felt embarrassed and said, “I didn’t plan for this.”

Kareena kapoor

Taking it a cue, the media understood her point and turned towards Kareena. They started shouting “We love you Bebo!” Kareena Kapoor gave a playful response to Kriti’s fans that everybody started laughing.

Kareena made a face, pouted, and said, “Yeh consolation prize nahin chahiye (I don’t want this consolation prize, folks)!” This light-hearted moment soon went viral on the internet.  Bebo’s fans started posting about this epic response. Kareena is famous for her straightforward statements and fearless expressions even if she is in public.

Kareena Kapoor tabu

Sisterly bond between the actresses

Senior actresses Tabu and Kareena collaborate with Kriti for the first time. The film has a lot of moments of infectious humour and confusion,  which showcase their sisterly bond in a good light. The above incident during the launch also indicates their off-screen compatibility.

The trailer released on Saturday has kept us hooked with the trio’s chemistry. Producer Riya Kapoor says that it is the most ambitious project to date. 

The story revolves around these three characters who find themselves in the middle of their airline Kohinoor, going through bankruptcy. The comedy timing of the leading ladies and their camaraderie. Kareena Kapoor Khan promises nonstop hilarious moments amidst chaotic situations. 

Kareena Kapoor crew

Kareena Kapoor in awe of Tabu

Bebo is very excited to share screen space with seasoned actress Tabu.  Her sister Karishma Kapoor had many chances to work with Tabu,  but this is her first time. “Lolo has worked with her so many times. I had the opportunity and the honour of finally sharing screen space with her.” She is glad that her dream has come true with this much-anticipated movie.

Kareena also had nice things to say about Kriti Sanon. She called her lovely and supremely talented. In another video call with fans, Kapoor digs deep into the film’s details. She hopes that the film does well because “Rajesh has made a super funny film. After Laal Singh Chadda and Jaane Jaan, this is the film that all my fans will really really enjoy. The Bebo that they want to see, the Bebo they love.”

Kareena kapoor tabu diljit dosanjh

The trailer clip has a narration by Tabu who introduces these three leading ladies as badass air hostesses. Their mischief ranges from stealing peanuts to mocking unruly passengers. Their antics go to the next level when they find a dead person’s gold biscuits. Kareena Kapoor’s “Crew” is releasing on March 29.