Kareena Kapoor Khan unleashes various perspectives of sex and pregnancy, and considers Jeh as a difficult one

Kareena Kapoor Khan has been creating quite a buzz for various reasons. With the launch of her recent book ‘Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Pregnancy Bible: The Ultimate Manuals For Moms-To-Be’, she came up with the headline. In her pregnancy book, Bebo opened up about a lot of things like how different both of her pregnancies were, her breastfeeding difficulties, sexual drive, and many more issues.

Kareena can be surely noted as praiseworthy for breaking the social taboos and stereotypes around pregnant actresses. Kareena bumped off the mediocrities when she was pregnant with Taimur as well as she took the complete responsibilities of her second baby while the whole country was under lockdown. She tried to explain how the sex drive of a woman gets affected during pregnancy.

In a recent interview with Hindustan Times, Kareena mentioned, people are not used to seeing mainstream actors talking about sex, especially during pregnancy, while she further added, “I don’t think you require guts to talk about this; these are day to day things. Sex is a relevant topic between a husband and a wife and it affects how a woman feels.”

The renowned actress continued, “It’s possible that a woman doesn’t feel the need for sex, does not feel the urge, or doesn’t even feel that she likes herself at that point of time during pregnancy,” “This is what women go through before childbirth. People are not used to seeing mainstream actors talking about these things. But then, they are not used to seeing mainstream actors pregnant either.” Bebo mentioned in her book, that how she was younger and more energetic while remaining pregnant with Taimur, “But I didn’t feel particularly sexy when I was pregnant with Jehangir,”

Kareena admitted her first pregnancy to be like a breeze which is why she chose childbirth again. While in detail according to the TNN report, she mentioned the intricacies, “This time, it was difficult. Jeh was difficult. There was fear of breastfeeding because I wasn’t getting enough when I delivered Jeh. There was a lot of mental distress I was going through at that time.”

She explained, “I felt my body had stretched, my feet were feeling like 100 kgs. This pregnancy was different than Taimur’s. That was fun. Taimur was an abrupt Caesarean. I literally had no milk for over 14 days. I was completely dry. My mom and my nurse would be hovering by my side, pressing at my boobs and wondering why ‘it’ wasn’t happening.”

‘During Jeh’s birth, I did manage to nurse him. I’ll admit it – breastfeeding him (and doing it exclusively for a few weeks) felt like an achievement!” was her conclusion statement.

All these should always remind women that pregnancy and motherhood is a mesmerizing and wonderful journey but to embrace it entirely a mother’s health should be the first and foremost priority. No woman goes out of the league in this case, as they are the beholder of our future generation.

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