Karisma Kapoor Shares Sweet ‘Lolo’ Nickname Origin Amid Family’s Tradition Of Quirky Pet Names

Karisma Kapoor, affectionately known as Lolo, has been an integral part of the Indian film industry since the 90s. Recently, the iconic Bollywood actress shed light on the origins of her unique nickname and her family’s tradition of funny pet names.

The Kapoor family has a tradition of quirky pet names, with Karisma’s sister Kareena being nicknamed Bebo. Karisma explained, “I got Lolo, and then my sister came, and they were like, ‘Let’s find something funny for her’. She was a baby, so my father called her Bebo.”

Karisma Kapoor Reveals Origins of Iconic Nickname “Lolo”

At a recent event, Karisma disclosed the story behind her nickname. “My mother was a big fan of Gina Lolo,” she revealed. “She is a Sindhi and would make Meethi Loli (Sindhi sweet roti). They call the sweet roti lolo, loli in Sindhi. So that’s how I got the name Lolo.”

LOLO candid about her family and their name derivations

While this is the first time Karisma has spoken about their family nicknames, Kareena has previously shared insights into their names. Kareena revealed that her mother named her after being inspired by the book “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy, while her father gave her the nickname Bebo to rhyme with her elder sister’s name.

“My father and mother wanted some funny names for us. So it’s Lolo and Bebo with no real meaning but just kind of rhymes,” Kareena explained on the Vogue BFFs chat show.

Karishma and her latest stints in OTT platforms

Karisma Kapoor recently made her OTT debut with the Netflix original film “Murder Mubarak,” directed by Homi Adajania. The film also features an ensemble cast including Pankaj Tripathi, Sara Ali Khan, Sanjay Kapoor, and Vijay Varma.

Next, Karisma is set to appear in Abhinay Deo’s upcoming film, “Brown,” based on Abheek Barua’s book, “City of Death,” and produced by Zee Studios. Her return to the big screen marks an exciting chapter in her illustrious career.

Karisma Kapoor’s legacy as Lolo of Bollywood continues to influence generations, and her candid revelations about her nickname add a charming layer to her celebrated persona.