Kartik Aaryan Responds To A Fan’s Question On His Dating Life Rumours With Pashmina Roshan

Bollywood actor Kartik Aryan is reportedly dating Hrithik Roshan’s cousin Pashmina Roshan. It is known that Kartik Aryan fell in love with Sara Ali Khan. He is currently dating Pashmina Roshan. However, time will tell how much truth there is in this report, but when Kartik Aryan responded to a fan, he made it clear if he was dating Pashmina or not.

Kartik responds to fans. 

Fans of Kartik Aryan were shocked when it was revealed that he was having an affair with Pashmina Roshan. A fan tweeted Kartik Aryan on the tag. One fan wrote that everyone was shocked to learn that Kartik Aryan is dating Pashmina Roshan. No one was ready to accept the fact that Karthik could return to a relationship with an actress. The actor’s name has not been linked to anyone since his split from Sara Ali Khan, but everyone was shocked when Karthik’s name was linked to Hrithik’s cousin.

Fans tagging Kartik Aryan asked: Is this news true? Karthik writes “no” and says that the news is not true. Along with Pashmina Roshan, her name was added to Befijool. These two are not together. Fans shared Kartik Aryan’s reaction on social media along with screenshots. The inscription also states that Kartik Purnima received Kartik’s best gift. He answered my questions. He said that the discussion about his relationship with Pashmina was wrong. Now all our fans are very happy. Karthik himself says that this does not happen.

A source close to Kartik Aryan, who is not dating Pashmina, also revealed that he is not in a relationship with Hrithik Roshan’s cousin. He was completely focused on his work. Karthik Aryan doesn’t have time to focus on things like relationships right now. Speaking of work, Kartik Aryan will be appearing in “Freddie” soon. In this film, the actor plays a dentist. Kartik Aryan said in an interview that his character in the film is quite complex. The plot and characters are complex. He had to work hard to play this role.