Kashmera Shah Hits Back At Govinda’s Wife Sunita Ahuja’s “Bad Daughter-In-Law” Comment

Kashmera Shah has finally reacted to Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja’s nasty bad daughter-in-law’s comment on her. She calls Sunita an evil mother-in-law in return.

Krushna Abhishek and his uncle Govinda’s tiff has been an ugly turn in the last few months. The mama-bhanja continue to be at loggerheads and their relationship turned sour. The fight came to the limelight when Krushna decided to skip an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show after knowing that Govinda and his wife are going to be a part of it. In an interview, Krushna revealed he didn’t felt like doing that episode. Post that, Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja slammed Krushna and addressed the issue in a recent interview. She said that she doesn’t want to see Krushna’s face ever in life. The wife then grew the entire family got involved in it. Kashmera Shah and Sunita Ahuja kept arguing and bashing each other. Recently, Sunita Ahuja lashed out at actor-comedian Krushna Abhishek’s wife Kashmera Shah and called her a ‘bad daughter-in-law’. In an interview, Sunita said that issues are always created in the public domain from ‘Krushna’s side.’

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Sunita was quoted by a leading daily wherein she reacted to Kashmera’s remark wherein the latter asked ‘who is Sunita’? Govinda’s wife said, ‘I don’t reply to bad things. Even after taking care of them like a mother, they are behaving in such a bad way. Problems in the house start when we bring a bad daughter-in-law. I don’t want to take anybody’s name. I have so much work to do in my life. I handle my husband Govinda’s work. I don’t want to get into these nonsensical things. Govinda has already warned not to bring any family matter in public but few people need publicity and they always create issues and these things always crop up from Krushna’s side. Now, Kashmera Shah has reacted to Sunita Ahuja’s remark. In a tweet, Kashmera Shah said a lot of people are washing their hands in the family feud. She also share her reaction when her twins asked her who a bad daughter-in-law is.

Kashmera wrote, “Had a work trip to the states so just got back and am reading about “people” washing their hands off on Our family feud. While reading one statement my son asked me what is a Bad Daughter-In-Law? I replied, “One that Got A Cruel Mother-In-Law.” Well, this is getting murkier now.

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