The promo videos of the controversial reality TV show Bigg Boss show that the much talked about Kashmera Shah is all set to enter the house. She has even made a video talking about the same and we wonder that with so many eliminations, what does Bigg Boss have in mind about getting Kashmera inside. Before entering, Kashmera Shah also shared a video and she looks super fit. She lost a lot of weight and she’s talked about the same as well.

In an interview with ETimes, Kashmera Shah recalled a memory of shopping in the US. She shared that she did not fit into a size small or medium when she buying some clothes for her. That is when she it hit her that she has put on weight. Kashmera revealed that Krushna’s cousin encouraged her to take up dieting and she gave up on rice, chappatis and bread. That’s how her journey to transformation began. She stated, “I started eating in small portions and within 15 days, lost three kilos. This boosted my confidence and I started working out like crazy. When the lockdown happened, I wore a mask inside the house to make sure that I didn’t binge (laughs!). By the time the lockdown was lifted, I came down to 59 kgs. Today, I am 56.4 kgs and I feel proud that I have achieved my goal.”

Kashmera shah on weight loss

Kashmera revealed that her doctor had informed her about the weight gain as she went through IVF process to have a baby. However, Krusha and Kashmera had to opt for surrogacy in the end. “After 10 years and 14 attempts at IVF, so much steroids had entered my body that it made me sluggish and heavy. I couldn’t even work out as I was trying to conceive and couldn’t exert my body. When it didn’t materialise, I became angry and started eating just about anything.”

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