Kate Middleton ‘Spotted’ Shopping With Prince William, Netizens In Disbelief: ‘No Way This Is Her’

An eyewitness said that the Princess of Wales went to the Windsor Farm Shop, which is located roughly a mile from her UK residence.

Kate Middleton is paying no attention to the baseless “KateGate” trend on social media. The royal was reportedly seen by eyewitnesses. She visited a local shop in the U.K. over the weekend with her husband, Prince William. Despite the rampant rumours over her whereabouts, an onlooker saw Kate enjoying some time out and about.

Kate Middleton with Prince William

“Kate was out shopping with William, and she looked happy and she looked well,” one eyewitness told The Sun. “The kids weren’t with them, but it’s such a good sign she was healthy enough to pop down to the shops.”

Currently, incessant reports and rumours are swirling around about Kate’s absence.  The eyewitnesses claimed that they were “stunned” to see Kate and William, 41, at the shop. This shop is about a mile away from her Adelaide home in Windsor.

Kate Middleton and Prince William at a farm shop over the weekend in new footage obtained by TMZ/The Sun.


— Pop Base (@PopBase) March 18, 2024

That day, the Princess of Wales was also reportedly seen spending time with her children. She was with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The outlet reported that the young royals were playing sports.

‘No way, this is her’

I’ve unblurred two of the stills taken of Will and Kate at the farm shop using AI pic.twitter.com/3TzG27zoN9

— Lorraine King (@lorrainemking) March 18, 2024

Now that Kate has reportedly been spotted at Windsor Farm, many have questioned the authenticity of the footage. In the comment section of the video shared by Pop Base, one user wrote, “I’m not into conspiracy theories, but that does not look like Kate.”

“THAT IS NOT HER,” one user said.

Another wrote, “That isn’t her. Higher cheekbones, a different smile, a different walk, and a slimmer build. Body double.”

A quick recap

Kate Middleton recently underwent planned abdominal surgery in January. However, a Spanish reporter claimed that Kate went into a coma. These claims were refuted by the palace. But the rumours continued regarding her health and well-being. These rumours blew up after the “edited” Mother’s Day photo controversy. (Read More: Amid AI Accusations, Kate Middleton Admits To ‘Editing’ Her Mother’s Day Family Photo; Apologises)

This alleged sighting is the first sighting of the princess. People were concerned over Kate’s absence from the public eye.