Katrina And Vicky Will Take Seven Rounds In The Royal Pavilion, Grand Ceremony Will Be Held In The 700-Year-Old Fort

The marriage of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal is the most discussed at the moment. Both will tie the knot on December 9. The reception will be held on 10th December. 120 guests have been invited to this grand wedding. Wedding preparations are being done well at Six Senses Fort Barwara Hotel in Sawai Madhopur. A large number of awnings are being installed outside this luxury hotel. Some tents have also been procured from Mumbai. Katrina and Vicky’s wedding functions will be held at the hotel from December 9 to December 10. In such a situation, arrangements have been made for barricading due to VIP movement at the main gate of the hotel.

Vicky and Katrina

A special mandap has been prepared for Katrina and Vicky’s wedding. Which is completely made in the royal style. Katrina and Vicky will take seven rounds inside the glass-enclosed pavilion from all sides. After marriage, Vicky Kaushal will stay in Raja Mansingh Suite at Six Senses Hotel while Katrina will stay in Princess Suite. This wedding will be completely in the style of the princes.

Katrina Kaif

Large-scale security arrangements have also been made for this royal wedding. Apart from private bouncers, police will also be deployed to keep the ceremony more secure. Arrangements have been made at Meena Dharamshala and Chauth Mata Trust Dharamshala located in Chauth Ka Barwada for the stay of personal bouncers. There are three gates to enter inside the hotel, but the main gate of the hotel through which all the guests will be given entry.

Royal Fort

After marriage, Vicky and Katrina can go to Chauth Mata’s temple to seek blessings. It is believed that the rituals of marriage here are considered complete only after the darshan of the goddess. One has to climb 700 steps to see the goddess. In such a situation, it is believed that Kat and Vicky will also walk here.

The Six Senses Fort, which Kat and Vicky have chosen as the venue for taking seven rounds, is a 700-year-old fort. The one-day rent of this venue of Katrina and Vicky’s wedding starts from Rs 65 thousand to Rs 4 lakh 70 thousand. The Sanctuary Suite has the lowest fare while the Raja Man Singh Suite has the highest fare. This fort is very luxurious to look at and after decoration, it will add more beauty to its glamour.

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