Keeping Your Summer Vacation Stress-Free: Tips For Staying Safe While Travelling

Here are a few travel health tips that may help your family return from a vacation in good health. Plan a fun and safe vacation. After two years of Covid19 restrictions, travel is beginning to feel a lot safer, thanks to an increasing number of people being vaccinated and even receiving booster shots. DR Mangesh Tiwaskar shares some tips to help your family recover from this much-needed vacation while avoiding ‘unwelcome’ holiday gifts. Vaccinations and booster shots are being given to people. DR Mangesh Tiwaskar shares some tips to help your family recover from this much-needed vacation while avoiding ‘unwelcome’ holiday gifts.

Check for Covid-19 restrictions

The infection rate and restrictions at your travel destination are critical considerations. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, thinking about a place that’s scorching hot with infection can increase your chances of getting sick. Before finalizing the plan, check with someone who lives there or get an update on any infections in the area to avoid any unpleasant surprises upon arrival. If you or the person you’re travelling with haven’t been vaccinated, you should get a quick Covid19 antigen test before you go to reduce the chances of unknowingly bringing the virus with you.

Avoid crowded indoor areas

Avoid crowded indoor areas with people whose vaccination status is unknown when completing your itinerary. There may be vacation activities you always enjoy doing, such as karaoke cafes or indoor theme park rides, that you should avoid for the time being. These crowded gatherings away from fresh air may pose a risk of Covid19. However, if you simply cannot resist visiting a crowded indoor space, be sure to put on your mask and conduct a self-assessment when you return.

Keep a rapid antigen test kit in your medical bag

Every travel bag should possess a medical kit, regardless of whether children are present. To manage our health, let us apply this safety first mantra not only to our children, but to all aspects of our lives. So, for a safe and stress-free holiday, pack a Covid19 self-test kit this season. A self-test kit is a must-have travel item, especially when visiting another country.

Adhere to the Covid19 protocols

Regularly wearing a mask that covers your nose and mouth, washing and sanitizing your hands, and practicing physical distancing.

Remember to unwind

You deserve it! We all deserve a well-deserved break. Because of the stress of the pandemic, we all crave travel more than ever. Many of us have not taken a vacation or vacationed with extended family in over two years. While on your first vacation since the pandemic, it may take some time to fully relax.


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