Kiara Finds The Comparisons With Hema Malini ‘Weird’, Says, “I Want To Look Like Myself.”

Actress Kiara Advani said she found it “strange” to be compared to Hema Malini and did not appreciate that the word “doppelganger” was used to describe a fan named Aishwarya who recreates her film scenes on social media.

Kiara was last seen in the war movie Shershaah alongside Sidharth Malhotra. Aishwarya, who is a doctor in real life, had recreated the emotional climax of the movie that Kiara finally saw.

But the actor said that Aishwarya’s identity should not be reduced. She also commented on how often she is compared to Hema Malini, and told in an interview, “It’s truly an honour to be compared to Hema ji, she’s so beautiful. But honestly, I’ve always found this compliment weird. I don’t know how to react to it. I mean, it’s great to be compared to her, but I am also my person. I like the way I look and I want to look like myself.”

Kiara commented on Aishwarya being called her “doppelganger”:  “I don’t like the word doppelganger. I know what she’s doing is flattering, but what’s interesting to me is that she’s a doctor in real life. She’s her personality and it’s very sweet that she likes to recreate my looks. I’ve been told in the past that I look like someone and that’s great, but at the end of the day, you have to be the person who you really are.”

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Speaking in an interview, Aishwarya said about her resemblance to Kiara, “It feels wonderful when people start recognizing you from a viral video, when people appreciate your looks, especially when you are compared with such a beauty. Many mistook me to be Kiara! They called me ‘true copy’, ‘doppelganger’, ‘ditto’ and even asked me to recreate more looks. My joy knew no bounds when Kiara commented on the video.”

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