Kiara’s Reply On Comparison With Hema Malini: Said- ‘I Want To Look Like Myself’. Read Below To Know

Actress Kiara Advani says she wants to look like herself. She said this on her comparison with veteran actress Hema Malini. In one of her interviews, Kiara said on comparison with Hema Malini that she does not want to look like anyone else but herself. Actually, fans of Kiara Advani feel that her look matches Hema Malini to a great extent.

Kiara Advani

Actually, fans of Kiara Advani feel that her look matches Hema Malini to a great extent. Kiara believes that it is an honor to look like Hema Malini, but she wants to look like herself; Because she finds it strange to look like someone else.

Kiara also talked about her lookalike and dentist Aishwarya Singh. Aishwarya Singh looks exactly like Kiara and many of her pictures have gone viral on social media. Users are surprised to see the similarity in the look of both. Kiara herself was also surprised to see Aishwarya’s pictures. Actually, on the one hand, Aishwarya Singh looks like actress Kiara and fans call her her lookalike. On the other hand, compare Kiara’s look with Hema Malini herself.

Kiara has said in her interview that she does not like the word ‘doppelganger’ used for Aishwarya. Kiara says that when she saw Aishwarya Singh’s video, she commented on it. Aishwarya Singh had a dimpled look, which was also shared on Instagram. Kiara says that this post was tagged to her only then she commented on it. The actress said, the way she recreated this look, is very nice. But I really don’t like the word doppelganger.

Kiara said on comparison with Hema Malini

Kiara said about Aishwarya Singh, I know she is flattering. But interesting to me, she is a doctor in real life. Which is her own personality. It’s cute that she likes to keep my look. I was told before that I look like someone and that’s great, but eventually, you have to be the person you really are.

At the same time, Aishwarya Singh is happy to be called Kiara’s lookalike. She says that many people mistook me for Kiara and I was called their doppelganger and Ditto. Users asked me to recreate their look. But when Kiara herself commented on my video, my happiness knew no bounds.

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