‘Killing Eve’ Star Jodie Comer Reveals She Got Terrified To Act With 15 Babies In ‘The End We Start From’

“Villanelle” from the TV series “Killing Eve” might look scary and impressive, but the actress herself is not invincible. Jodie Comer, who plays Villanelle in the show opposite Sandra Oh, says she was terrified to act in her latest role.

New-age survival flick “The End We Start From,” hitting the theatres on January 19, had her terrified of babies! Yes, not just one or two, she had to act alongside 15 babies. 

Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve
Jodie Comer as Villanelle in Killing Eve

Climate Change Environmental Movie with Babies at Risk

The new project she worked for sees Jodie Comer, playing a character named “Woman.” She is a mother who tries to nurture her newborn while navigating severe floods and civil unrest. The subject is unique and different from routine stories, and has Comer “quite terrified.”

Jodie Comer
Image: Anika Molnar/Signature Entertainment/Instagram

The 2-time BAFTA award-winner aces this challenge, too, showing off her vast range of acting skills. And yet, the real issue was working with 15 babies, coming into contact with such tender-aged actors for the first time in her career. The 15 infants were young toddlers and a mere 8 weeks old, making it “an eye-opening experience.”

Steep Learning Curve for Jodie Comer

The Tony award recipient enjoyed sharing screen space with Joel Fry and Benedict Cumberbatch, her co-stars. However, she faced a steep learning curve while discovering ways to keep the babies happy on the sets. Each child had just 20 minutes to be in a scene, and hence, the crew needed so many babies. 

Jodie Comer
Image: Anika Molnar/Signature Entertainment

Per a BBC article, she said, “A lot of my younger cousins have grown up now, so I haven’t spent a lot of time around young babies.” Jodie Comer, who acted in the hit British TV show “My Mad Fat Diary,” calls this experience chilling, “At first, my hands were visibly shaking, and thought, what have I done?” She pretty much had baby Zeb in all scenes, so she soon figured out their unpredictable rhythms during the 6-week shoot.

Lyrical Novella Made into Indie Film

The movie is an adaptation of Megan Hunter’s book, where the central theme is motherhood. The independent production with a limited budget and duration was something new for Jodie Comer who likes to experiment.

The “Killing Eve” lead confesses, “I want to be moved, I want to feel invigorated, and I want to feel emotionally connected. I want to care.” The Guardian described Comer’s stellar performance as “magnificent,” and “as a big screen star, the British actress is just beginning.”