Knowing Anonymous; The Renowned ‘Hacktivists’ Group

The top story of the day is obviously about a new video released by the Hacker group Anonymous threatening the Tesla CEO Elon Musk. In the video footage, the’ hacktivists ’ are seen calling out against Musk over his crypto market hold. Anonymous labeled Musk as ‘Narcissistic rich dude’ with a superiority and savior complex. They have also come up with allegations that the major income of Musk doesn’t come from car sale but from government subsidies which then is used to buy bitcoins.

Hacker group condemned Musk for playing with common man’s money. The video ended with one of its members saying ‘expect us’, indeed a threat to Musk. Curious to know more about this formidable hacker group which has a past record of shutting down governments and corporations? Read on.

Tale of Anonymous
First of all, let us be clear that Anonymous is not an organization instead it’s a non-hierarchical movement. This means that anyone who wants to create a video in the name of Anonymous can do so. The members are called ‘anons’. What makes Anonymous a smart group is that all the members are adept at computer science and technology. It was created in 2003 in the 4chan platform. 4chan is an anonymous image-sharing forum.

The group has a logo. They has a mask inspired by the Guy Fawkes from ‘V for Vendetta’, an illustrious graphic novel by Alan Moore. They have their motto too and it says ‘We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us’. The prime focus of the group is to defend restrictions on freedom online. They use voice changes or text-to-speech programs in their videos.

It was in 2008 they became known to the outer world by attacking the Church of Scientology. The attack was against censorship on web. Four years later in 2012, they stopped illegal file-sharing site Megaupload and hacked FBI’s website.

The hacker group had earlier joined hands with WikiLeaks and Occupy Wall Street movements. The team launched a series of computer hacks called ‘Project Chanology’ which was followed by a protest in around 100 cities of the globe. The protesters began wearing the ‘Anonymous’ mask.

Apart from defending actions against freedom online, Anonymous has many other targets. The terrorist groups are one among them. They took down more than 20,000 twitter accounts of ISIS and this was criticized by government agencies, especially those who spied on jihadists.

In 2014, they were blamed for revealing the officer’s identity who fired shot against Micheal Brown. The information was later proven to be false. On May 29th 2020, after long five years of silence the group resurfaced. They extended support to the Black Lives Matter organization. In accordance, they uploaded a video targeting the Minneapolis police department for being heartless in George Floyd’s case.

However this group of people from different fraternities and walks of life, terrified the government and corporate. Inspired by Guy Fawkes in V for Vendetta, the group stands against racial discrimination, terrorism, corruption and any hindrance on freedom of speech.

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