‘Koi Nahi Janta…’: Shark Anupam Mittal Gives Befitting Reply To Amit Jain’s ‘Kuch Aur Karta’ Taunt

The famous reality TV show ‘Shark Tank India 2’ is becoming a craze among audiences. All the businessmen sitting in the judge panel are helping new entrepreneurs to move forward by investing in their companies. Meanwhile, many a time, the sharks often get into heated arguments over some interesting pitches. Judges taunt each other through gestures and words. Something similar happened recently.

In the latest episode of ‘Shark Tank India 2’, CarDekho founder Amit Jain and Shaadi.com CEO Anupam Mittal got into a tussle over getting a deal. During this, Amit taunted Anupam. Anupam too gave Amit a a retaliatory blow.

It all began when a coffee and snack brand ‘VS Mani’ made an offer to the judges. Interestingly, Anupam revealed that he is already an investor in this company, but has never met them before. To this, Amit jokingly tells Anupam, “That means you only invest, you don’t earn.” Everyone starts laughing. After this, Anupam Mittal leaves from there calling himself ‘Number 1’ shark.

The matter does not end here. A war breaks out between Anupam and Amit to invest in the business of another entrepreneur. The pitcher with end-to-end water sanitation and asset management company offers 2 percent equity to the sharks and asks for an investment of Rs 90 lakh.

Amit Jain make an alliance with Namita Thapar to give Rs 32 lakh with 2 percent equity and 10 percent interest for Rs 52 lakh. On the other hand, Anupam Mittal and Peyush Bansal together demands Rs 90 lakh with 3.35 per cent equity. Competition breaks out to get the deal from both the teams.

Amit tells the entrepreneurs that he has a finance company so he can help in finance etc. To this, Anupam says, “Hum log rahenge nahi toh idea kaun dega?”

Amit Jain taunts Anupam and says, “Agar koi idea hota toh kuch aur bhi kiya hota life mein. I have made 4 companies, they have only invested, these people do not even meet their company.”

A rather miffed Anupam comes with a befitting reply to Amit. He says, “Jisko koi nahi janta usko chhati thok ke bolni padti hai ki chaar company banaya!” Finally, Anupam and Peyush seal the deal with the founders for Rs 90 lakh with 3 percent equity.

‘Shark Tank India 2’ is grabbing a lot of headlines for its dramatic content this time. Viewers are witnessing several fights between the judges.

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