‘Koi Pyaar Vyaar Nahi’: Tina Datta’s Mom Feels Shalin Bhanot’s Love For Her Daughter Is ‘Fake’; Story Inside!

In the recent Bigg Boss 16 episode, contestant Tina Datta asked her mother Madhumita Datta about her love life. She asked her mother whether Shalin Bhanot loves her or not. Her mother entered the house during the family week. Tina openly discussed her relationship with Shalin. Her mother revealed that Shalin doesn’t love her. There is nothing from his side.

As Shalin’s mother entered the room, Tina requested her mother to be calm. She requested her mother not to do any drama. Fans reacted to the promo. It was shared by ColorsTV. They captioned it, “Shalin aur Tina bane clash of moms ke shikaar.”

The promo opened with Tina’s mother entering the Bigg Boss house. She hugged her daughter warmly. She said that she feels very proud of her daughter. She said that her daughter alone did what ten boys could not do.

Tina then asked her mother if Shalin loves her or not. Her mother straightly said that Shalin definitely does not love her. She even called Shalin’s love ‘fake.’ Her mother said that there is nothing from his side. After that, Shalin Bhanot’s mother entered.

Let us tell you that in the latest episode, Tina and Shalin questioned each other’s feelings as he accused her of faking her emotions on camera. On the other hand, the host of the show, Salman Khan scolded the two about their closeness during MC Stan’s New Year’s concert. Tina made it clear that she was not falling in love with Shalin. However, they almost shared a kiss while dancing together. It was noticed by the other housemates.

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