Kourtney Kardashian Shares Insights On Ghosting Amid Relationship Woes With Travis

While Travis has been making public appearances, Kourtney, who gave birth over a month ago, has deliberately kept a low profile. Recently, the 44-year-old reality TV star and founder of the wellness brand Poosh, shared relationship advice on handling ghosting. Amidst concerns about her own relationship, an Instagram Stories post from her brand featured a silhouetted image of a couple kissing against the sea. The accompanying text directed followers to an article on the Poosh website, advising on what not to do when faced with ghosting.

Kourtney’s Ghosting Insights and Relationship Concerns with Travis

The article stressed a key tip, highlighting the misconception that being ghosted reflects solely on the person who experienced it. Instead, it emphasized that ghosting often reflects more on the individual who chooses to ghost.

Despite giving birth to her baby boy in November, Kourtney has actively promoted her brands Poosh and Lemme on social media while notably refraining from sharing photos of herself or her son. In contrast, her husband, Travis Barker, has been visible on social media, recently spending time with N8NOFACE. The punk rocker expressed gratitude for Travis’ support and advice, sharing photos of their time together.

Concerns about Travis being controlling in the relationship arose, particularly after he disclosed that they named their son Rocky Thirteen Barker based on his interests. Some fans on Reddit raised red flags, pointing to Travis’ influence on the baby’s name and the dramatic Italian wedding the couple had in May 2022.

Kourtney’s Silent Struggle and Travis’ Unwavering Support

Maintaining a low profile over a month after giving birth, Kourtney has raised speculation among fans. They believe her absence from the public eye may be related to health concerns stemming from her challenging pregnancy journey, an urgent family matter that prompted the cancellation of Travis’ tour, and a surgical procedure undertaken to save her unborn child’s life.

Throughout this challenging period, Kourtney consistently conveyed gratitude for her doctors and highlighted Travis’ unwavering support. He promptly rushed to her side, emerging as her rock during these difficult times.