Kriti Kharbanda, Pulkit Samrat’s Unique ‘Multani Mitti’ Twist To Haldi Celebrations

With a delightful twist, Bollywood actors Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat eschewed the traditional haldi ceremony. Instead, they opted for an unconventional approach, incorporating a pinch of turmeric for good measure alongside ‘multani mitti’ (fuller’s earth). This unique blend wasn’t just for aesthetics; it held a special meaning for the couple. The resulting Haldi celebration became a unique and memorable experience that left everyone talking.

The Unconventional Haldi

In a series of candid photos on Instagram, Kriti captures the couple being covered in a mixture of turmeric and ‘multani mitti.’ The earthy paste not only symbolized purification but also had skin benefits. Kriti playfully mentioned that this custom blend was specially created for them, ensuring their skin would glow on their big day. The haldi ceremony, usually marked by yellow turmeric paste, took on a new dimension with this creative twist.

The Backstory

Kriti’s note accompanying the photos revealed the thought behind their unconventional haldi. She wrote,

“Hamari haldi thodi unconventional thi. Haldi ki ek chutki for Sagan in a pack of Multani mitti, created especially for Pulkit and I, keeping our skin in mind because the bride and groom have to glow na (sic) (Our haldi was a bit unconventional. A pinch of turmeric for the pre-wedding ceremony in a pack of fuller’s earth, created especially for Pulkit and me, keeping our skin in mind because the bride and groom have to glow, right?).”

The couple’s commitment to tradition and innovation shines through in this choice.

Pulkit’s Unexpected Dive

But that’s not all—the celebrations took an unexpected turn. Kriti humorously mentioned that someone held her back while others playfully threw Pulkit into the pool during the festivities. It seems the ‘multani mitti’ wasn’t the only thing making a splash that day!

Radiant And Joyful

Kriti looked radiant in an orange crop top paired with a complementing sharara, while Pulkit donned a yellow kurta and white pants. Their smiles and laughter captured the moment’s joy, proving that love and playfulness go hand in hand.

Beyond Haldi: Their Journey Ahead

As Kriti and Pulkit embark on this beautiful journey together, their unconventional haldi becomes a cherished memory. The couple’s love story continues, promising more delightful surprises and heartwarming moments.

In weddings, where traditions meet innovation, Kriti and Pulkit’s ‘multani mitti’ haldi stands out as a testament to love’s creativity.

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