KRK Mocks SRK, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn; Says, “Desh Ke 3 Padmashri Are Selling Pan Masala”

KRK Mocks Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Vimal Controversy:’Desh Ke 3 Padmashri Are Selling Pan Masala’ Most people know that Akshay has already resigned as the brand’s ambassador in response to angry fans. There has been a lot of turmoil about Akshay Kumar joining Ajay Devgn, Shah Rukh Khan, and others to promote the tobacco brand. The actor endorsed Vimal’s Elaichi product, but it still didn’t work for his fans.

Now Kamaal R Khan, also known as KRK, has taken a bargain and is calling him “Canadian” again. Scroll down for more information. Most people know that Akshay has already resigned as the brand’s ambassador in response to angry fans. He also apologized to his fans and promised to use compensation for good reason. Nevertheless, KRK seems to feel like fried food. Not only Akshay Kumar but also Kamaal R. Khan made hot shots with Shah Rukh Khan and Ajay Devgn. First, he asked the government to withdraw their Padmashri award. In his tweet, he says: “SellDeshKe3 #Padmashri #PanMasala! An insult to the Padma Shri Award.” In response to Akshay Kumar’s apology, KRK wrote: So another review will come soon.

He is again fooling the public. So one more review is coming soon.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) April 21, 2022

Another tweet from the self-proclaimed critic states: If Padmashri is accidentally passed to @akshaykumar in Canada, it should be removed now. If Akshay lied about being Indian to get #Padmashri, he would have to apologize and return the award.

According to the rule, #Padmashri can’t be given to any foreigner. If Padmashri was given to Canadian @akshaykumar by mistake, then it should be taken away now. If Akshay did lie that he is an Indian to get #Padmashri then he should apologize and return the award. @ndtvindia @aajtak

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) April 21, 2022

“I’m sure # Runway34 will be the last Ajay Devgn movie to hit in the theater. When this movie becomes a catastrophe, Ajay will stop releasing his movie,” he tweeted.

I strongly believe that #Runway34 is the last film of Ajay Devgn, which is releasing in the theatres. Once this film will become a disaster, then Ajay won’t release any of his films in the theatres.

— KRK (@kamaalrkhan) April 21, 2022


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