Krushna Abhishek Talks About Salman Khan’s Bond With His Twin Sons On Manish Paul’s Podcast

Krushna Abhishek reveals on Maniesh Paul’s podcast Salman Khan advised him & Kasmera Shah to have kids

Krushna Abhishek has become a very famous name in the Television industry owing to his excellent acting and comedy in the popular entertainment show, The Kapil Sharma Show. In the show, he is seen sporting different characters and engaging in fun banter with the show guests. The actor is married to actress Kashmera Shah and they are parents of two sons. Krushna recently opened up on his personal life in Maniesh Paul’s podcast as he talks about his boys and Bollywood star Salman Khan.

Krushna shared that his sons will soon turn 5 and also revealed that Salman Khan adores his kids. He said, “I love Salman Khan. I love his heart. He wanted me to have kids. He would tell me, ‘Kash, Krushna you should have babies now.’ When I had babies, he was the first one to know.”

Krushna also shared how his father was an ardent follower and devotee of Lord Krishna. He was born on the day of Janmashtami and 75 years later he passed away on Janmashtami. He was suffering from cancer. He had told Krushna that he would be reincarnated as his son.

Krushna adds, “Amazingly, our sons were conceived on his tehrvi. And one of my sons has his standing stance. Some people say it is a myth. That you see your dad in your child, you see your parents in your pets. It is reality, not a myth. One of my sons stands like him and even looks at me like him.”

In 2017, Krushna Abhishek and Kashmera Shah welcomed twin baby boys through surrogacy.

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