Kubbra Sait Was Sexually Abused In Her Teenage For 2 And Half Year; Read More Here!

Kubbra Sait in her new book ‘Open Book: Not Enough a Memoir’ has revealed that she was sexually abused as a teenager. The actress has spoken about the abuse and sexual abuse she faced at a very young age to save her family from trouble.

Kubra Sait has written in her book that for many years she was sexually abused in his own house. Kubra also said that his mother recently apologized to her after decades of abuse. Kubbra was abused for almost two and a half years by a family friend whom she called ‘X’ in her book.

Sharing her traumatic experience in her book, Kubbra wrote, “I was only 17 when I suffered mental and physical suffering. I used to go to a restaurant in Bangalore with her family almost every day. During this, the restaurant owner and her brother Danish had come close”. The actress told that she had helped her mother with money in difficult times. Kubbra said that soon after this ‘help’, the man started abusing me sexually. He also insisted not to call him Uncle.

“When Mama took the money, I sighed. Actually one of his hands was slipping on my thigh in the back seat of the car. He slid my dress. X, who was no longer my uncle, smiled while caressing my thigh. I was Shocked and silent at that moment. Not only this his courage increased as much he used to kiss me in front of my mother also. During this the troubles of houses increased and to seek help I went to him for help. But he called me to his hotel and started doing the things I can’t expect. At 17 I was losing my virginity and this continues for 2 and half years.”

Kubbra told that she had hidden this thing from her mother as the man had threatened dire consequences. Later, after many years, the actress told her mother how the man was doing dirty things with Kubbra under her nose. In her book, she wrote that the man had sexually abused the actress for about two and a half years.

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