Kunal Kapoor Says Film Industry Is Not The Place To Find ‘Purity’

Kunal Kapoor who performed the Mughal emperor Babur withinside the Disney+ Hotstar collection The Empire is overwhelmed with the reaction he has been getting. In an interview, he mentioned why he pertains to the emotional vulnerability of his character, how he ‘accidentally’ located his ardour for appearing, and why one has to now no longer expect ‘purity’ from the movie industry.

Speaking about the response to The Empire, he said, “It has been like nothing I have experienced before. Obviously, with Rang De Basanti and Aaja Nachle, there was a great response but now we live in a time of social media where the responses you get are pretty instant and you instantly know when people like or don’t like something. The response that I have got on social media, through messages, and people calling has been absolutely overwhelming and pretty phenomenal.”

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The emotional vulnerability of his character Babur is something that Kunal is associated with. “I think as actors, or anybody that is in public life, you are constantly dependent on validation from other people,” he said. He also called actors a ‘helpless piece of the puzzle’, pointing out the contribution of writers, directors, musicians, producers, and others while making a film.

“And then, the film releases on Friday, and the audience may not like it at all. You may have worked for two years and the audiences might say ‘this is absolute rubbish’ or they might not like what you have done. So you always find yourself in a place that is vulnerable because you are always looking for validation. That’s what I found fascinating about this character as well, that he is somebody who eventually becomes this big ruler, but he is always unsure about himself and whether he deserves the kingdom or whether he just got lucky, whether he is capable or not,” he said.

Recently, he said that the film industry is filled with fair-weather friends. Elaborating on his remark, he said, “It’s called the film industry for a reason, it’s called the business of cinema. I think what you have to realize very soon, for your own sanity, is that people don’t like or dislike you. They like or dislike the fact of whether you can make money or not for them. When you are successful and you can make money for people, they will line up, and when you are not successful, you can’t make money for them, so they won’t like you. It might sound like a very cynical thing to say but it’s not cynical, it’s the truth. You have to accept that and work with that.”

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