Ladies! This Life-Saving Skill Can Help In Fighting The Battle Against Breast Cancer

To all the women out there, you have broken the proverbial glass ceiling. Although it took a revolution for you to get to where you are today, your consistent efforts towards achieving your goals and following your passion have resulted in the path to success getting clearer by the day. And you have managed to do all this while taking care of everything and everyone around you. 

The month of October is observed as the International Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is identified as the most common form of malignancy among women around the world and has become one of the most common cancers in India. The overall outcome of this disease is largely dependent on early detection and medical intervention. Therefore, the most effective way to counter its impact is to conduct a self-breast examination regularly and become so familiar with the normal look and feel of your breasts that any irregularity such as a lump can be detected in time. 

As per industry reports, every four minutes, a woman in India gets diagnosed with breast cancer. Yet, most of the Indian women, including those who live in cities, tend to de-prioritize their health over other responsibilities. Because of it, there is an urgent need to push them towards a massive behavioural change. Women should be made to accord paramount importance to their health which includes recognizing anomalies in their bodies and bringing them to their doctors’ attention. 

SBI Life Insurance launched ‘Thanks A Dot’- a Breast Cancer Awareness initiative, to persuade women to learn a life-saving skill that will help them enormously to fight a battle against breast cancer through early lump detection. Self-breast examination is one such life-saving skill that can enable women to spot the irregularities in their breasts and seek immediate medical help.

SBI life ‘Thanks A Dot’, self breast examination kit.

SBI Life’s Thanks-a-Dot strives to make women develop the habit of conducting self-breast-checks regularly and giving it utmost priority so that lumps, if any, can be detected at the early stage and medical help can be sought within time. 

Now, this process is just a click away from becoming your habit.

Follow these 5 simple steps and stay on top of your health!

  1. Message ‘Hi’ on the WhatsApp Chat Bot number 8860780000
  2. Set monthly reminders for regular self-checks, on the chat bot
  3. Learn the right way to self-examine the health of your breasts and how to feel for lumps
  4. Add this practice to your to-do list and have a firm grip over your health and wellbeing

Your health is of great importance for you and your loved ones. Timely detection of any abnormality and getting the necessary help is the best way to counter breast cancer. And you now have the most effective tool to achieve it, at your fingertips, thanks to Thanks-a-Dot. 

So, say ‘Hi’ to 8860780000 and make your own well-being a priority!