‘Lakshman’ Asked This Special Question Related To ‘Ramayana’

The actors who played Ram, Sita, and Laxman in Ramanand Sagar’s ‘Ramayana’ once again came into the limelight after a repeat telecast of Ramayana in lockdown last year. It also includes the name of Sunil Lahiri, who came into the limelight by playing the role of Laxman. Sunil Lahiri appears very active on social media and shares pictures every day. In the past, Sunil had shared pictures of his new look, seeing that it went out of the mouth of the fans that ‘Oh Lord, what kind of Maya is it’. Not only this, but Sunil also keeps sharing some memories and anecdotes from the shooting days with the fans, which people like very much. Recently Sunil has asked his fans a question.


Actually, Sunil Lahiri has shared a picture of a scene from the show. Ram and Lakshman are seen together in this picture. Sunil has also asked the same question related to this. There has been an influx of answerers on this. The special thing is that most of the users are giving the correct answer to the question asked by Sunil Lahiri.

Laxman of ‘Ramayana’ i.e. Sunil Lahiri has shared a picture of a scene of the show on his Twitter account. Ram and Lakshman are seen together in this picture. While both are seen talking to Rishi. Sharing this picture, Sunil Lahiri has asked a question to the fans and wrote, ‘Do you know which scene of Ramayana is this picture?’ Users are constantly seen answering this question of the actor.

Picture shared by Sunil

A user replied and wrote, ‘When Dashrathji and Awadhvasi came to Janakpur.’ At the same time, another wrote in response, ‘Sir, when Maharaj Dashrath brings a procession to the house of Mithila and Maharishi Vishwamitra comes to take both of you to him.’

In the past, Sunil Lahiri had thanked his fans for the joy of having 1.5 lakh followers on Instagram. On this special occasion, he also shared a special picture of himself. In the picture, Sunil’s look was seen to have changed a lot. His beard had grown a lot and his hair was also looking big.

Let us tell you that Ramayana was aired on Doordarshan in the 80s. This serial became very popular and these artists were highly respected across the country. In the show, Arun Govil played Prabhu Shri Ram and Sita Mata was played by Deepika Chikhaliya. During that time the serial had record viewership. It was aired once again in the last lockdown and even then the show broke many records of global viewership.

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