Latest Doppelganger Of Alia Bhatt Leaves Social Media Amazed & Confused, Fans Call “Chhoti Alia”

Celebrity lookalikes often grab attention on social media and here’s another one who looks just like Alia Bhatt. Bengaluru’s Roshni Sony shared the video on Instagram, which reminded people of the actor. Many people also call her ‘Chhoti Alia’.

Roshni can confuse anyone as Alia from facial expressions to the haircut and smile. She recreated Alia’s iconic ivory wedding look in one of her posts. She made a line from Gangubai Kathiawadi in another Reel. She posted a parody clip of herself. In that, she addressed and claimed her resemblance to the actor. It read, “How do you resemble Alia Bhatt so much?

The video has crossed 70 thousand views on the photo-sharing app. Surprised fans commented, “Chhoti (young) Alia Bhatt,” “Sabke copy aa gaye hai (Every star has a copy nowadays),” “Copy ho aap pura ka puraa (You are a true copy).”

It was Celesti Bairagey who went viral as Alia Bhatt’s doppelganger earlier. She is a social media influencer. Although she has made her television debut. She earlier told that she is still referred to as ‘Alia Bhatt 2.0’ by her fans. She said that she didn’t want to be labelled anymore.

Celesti said, “Even before I got the show, I wouldn’t want to be identified as someone else. Alia is my favourite actor. I admire her a lot. I find her cute. If someone is saying that I resemble her, I find it overwhelming. Up to that, it’s fine. But the moment it starts converting your identity, it becomes problematic. I don’t think anyone wants it. I would be very happy if people start calling me Rajjo instead of Alia. Because being Rajjo is my identity and not someone’s doppelganger.”