Before you assume it to be a case of casting couch or something like that, let us already clear, this is not the case at all!

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma’s soon to be released God, Sex and Truth stars porn star Mia Malkova. Behind the scene pictures of the film just got leaked online and are spreading like a wild fire on social media.

For the uninformed, film GST-God, Sex and Truth is a projection of common beliefs of RGV and Mia on pornography and sex. Ramu has always been vocal about his opinion on sex. In an interview, he had earlier confessed, “I begin my day by watching porn for 15 minutes followed by a documentary or a film. It gives me an instant high which lasts all day.” ” I’ve always believed that power and sex are the only ultimate prime movers in life. Power has always been looked up to whereas sex is looked down upon. I found a common believer of this philosophy in Mia Malkova,” he reinstated in a recent interview. Mia too has similar views on sex which led them to collaborate for GST!

” God, Sex and Truth attempts to bring sex out into the open instead of hiding it under the bed sheets. Power has been given its due place in the manner of action films but sex has always been relegated to films meant only for instant gratification. GST attempts to show a woman and her sexuality in an unimaginably beautiful form,” he told Firstpost, adding, “If you want to only focus on a beautiful body, then there are thousands of videos available on the net. What makes GST different from the rest is Mia’s words, which give a context to her body. From the reactions that I’ve got so far, it’s very clear that people are really and very seriously listening to her words. The same words, if spoken by a social psychologist or a yogi like Rajneesh, will not have even a fraction of the impact compared to being spoken by a beautiful naked girl.”

And here are the leaked pictures we told you about! The erotic viral pictures of RGV and Mia show the two lost in deep conversations. In another picture, Ramu looks to be reviewing the show while Mia is sitting next to her at a distance. Have a look!

The trailer is already out and the film is all set to release on 25th January at 9 am on Mia Malkova’s official Vimeo channel.

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