Learn How To Mysteriously Attract Someone Like Bees To Honey

You must be a little mysterious if you want someone to get attracted to you or make them notice you. A mysterious aura always draws us in and leaves plenty to the imagination. If you want to be that mysterious person, these six tips may be useful.


The Eye Contact

Make eye contact because it indicates confidence, but don’t hold it for too long. Maintain that contact for 2-3 seconds before breaking it, or you will come across as intimidating and borderline creepy.

Read And Add To Your Knowledge

You cannot fake easily if you want to be good in conversations and appear educated because you will be cross-examined. So start reading the daily newspaper, read some books to improve your vocabulary, and get involved in a few activities and disciplines. When a man or woman with grey matter notices that you know stuff and can have a discussion, they are piqued.

Cross Question

Don’t merely nod to show that you’re listening. You must ask questions since they make you mysterious and appealing. It demonstrates that you are paying attention, and it allows you to avoid giving personal information during small chats. Allow the other person to speak and express their interests.

Don’t Be Available All The Time

You come across as a really eager person if you are always present. It is beneficial to be present, but it is not always necessary. You don’t have to turn up every time. Make yourself available on occasion. This includes phone conversations, text message response time and video calls and parties. Hold yourself together, no matter how badly you want to retaliate.

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