Learn From Twitter How to Ask a Woman for a Date

Asking someone for a date is not that difficult- all you need to do is ask the person you’re interested in and wait for their response.

From sending “You look Hawwt” text to ‘Send bobs and vagene’ practice, it looks like today’s men clearly do not know how to ask a woman for a date, but thankfully a woman on Twitter is helping men on how to nail this task like a boss.

Journalist Holly Brockwell recently tweeted a snapshot of her conversation with someone who asked her out for a date. She said “No” because she’s already committed, but she suggested other men to follow suit when they ask a woman out for a date. Her tweet is winning the internet and garnered over 5,000 likes and more than 1000 re-tweets within 20 hours.

Ms. Brockwell said, “Men of Twitter, if you’re going to do it, THIS is how you do it,” in her tweet, as she posted a screenshot of her exchange with an unknown person. Take a look at what their conversation looked like:



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