‘Leave Your Wife At least’: Fahad Ahmad Gets Troll For Calling Swara Bhaskar ‘Brother’: Checkout

Fahad Ahmad came in target of trollers for calling wife swara ‘Bhai’. Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar is often targeted by social media trolls. The outspoken Swara is known for speaking out on political issues. Now the name of the actress has again made a splash on social media, but this time her husband Fahad Ahmed is being trolled.

Fahad Ahmad Calls His Wife Swara Bhaskar ‘Bhai’

Actually, Fahad Ahmed referred to Swara as his brother in the post while wishing her a happy birthday. In addition, he described the word brother as gender neutral. Fahadh shared a photo of himself with Swara in the post and wrote, “Many happy returns of the day, bhai; thanks to your advice on my birthday, I am now married. I hope you learn about me through Twitter.”

He went on to say, “Thank you for completing me in every way; I am fortunate to have you as a friend and mentor. My heart loves you. Brother is gender agnostic.”

Fahad Ahmad Trolled For Calling wife Brother

Because of this tweet, Fahad was heavily trolled on Twitter. One netizen commented on the post, “Sister marriage is so good.” Another user commented, “Very well explains Swara’s old post where she calls you brother. Happy birthday”.

Reacting to the sentence ‘Bhai is gender neutral’, one user commented, “Bhai aur behen ab gender neutral ho gaya hai. Ab koi kisi ko bhi kuchh bhi kehta hai. Ahmed Miyan ke according ye new norm hai.one user commented, “It’s ridiculous to call your wife brother anyway.” Commenting on cheap popularity, one user said, “Some people just want to be trolled to get cheap limetlight.”

Swara Bhaskar Also called Husband Fahad Brother in past

Swara Bhaskar and Fahad Ahmed got married earlier this year. Then they got married, as was customary. On January 6, Swara and Fahad filed a special marriage law. At the same time, he surprised everyone with his sudden legal marriage in February last year.After the wedding of Swara and Fahad became known, Swara’s old tweets referred to Fahad as a brother. After the post went viral, the actors had to deal with a lot of trolling.