Lesbian Intercourse For Beginners: 10 Tips For Memorable Experience From Day 1

Embarking on your first lesbian sexual encounter can be exhilarating yet nerve-wracking. Despite sharing a vulva with your partner, the excitement and uncertainty remain. To ensure a memorable, erotic, and pleasurable experience, consider these ten tips:

Don’t Overthink It

Embrace your instincts and trust yourself. Good sex is about intuition as much as technique. Remember, all queer experiences are valid, so be gentle with yourself and go with the flow.

Erase Preconceptions

Sex among lesbians is a fluid exchange of pleasure. Release rigid ideas about what sex should be and focus on enjoying each other’s bodies. It doesn’t have to fit a specific mould and might not involve any penetration at all.

Communicate Clearly

Keeping an open dialogue with your partner is crucial. Discuss what feels pleasurable, boundaries, and preferences. Forget societal norms and focus on what feels right for both of you. Communication ensures mutual comfort and consent.

Get to Know Yourself

Masturbation is key to understanding your pleasure points. Explore your own body to guide your partner effectively and gain insights into what feels good for you.

Play it Safe

Prioritise sexual health by using dental dams or latex gloves for oral and manual stimulation. Ensure that both you and your partner have been tested for STIs.

Ask Before You Touch…

Respect your partner’s preferences regarding breast and nipple play. Always ask for permission and communicate throughout to ensure mutual enjoyment.

Master the Art of Fingering

Clitoral stimulation is often essential for achieving orgasm. Communicate with your partner about their preferences and take the time to explore and understand their pleasure zones.

Consider Penetration Carefully

Always seek consent before penetration. Start gently with fingers or sex toys, exploring your partner’s desires and boundaries. Experiment with G-spot or A-spot stimulation if desired.

Learn How to Give Oral Sex

Oral stimulation is a significant aspect of vulva-on-vulva sex. Take your time and focus on techniques such as licking, kissing, and gentle sucking on the clitoris. Communication and variation are key.

Orgasms Aren’t the Endgame

While orgasms are enjoyable, they aren’t the sole measure of satisfaction. Focus on connection and mutual pleasure, letting orgasms be a delightful bonus rather than the ultimate goal.