‘Let Me See Him Just For 2 Minutes’: How Akshay Kumar Requested To Meet Shreyas Talpade In Hospital

Actor Shreyas Talpade had to be admitted to the hospital last year after suffering a heart attack. The actor stayed in the hospital for a few days and is now completely healthy.

Recently, the actor revealed how the Hindi and Marathi film industries stood by him as soon as they learned about his condition. Additionally, the actor’s wife, Deepti Talpade, shared how Akshay Kumar was even ready to change hospitals for Shreyas.

After this news, fans were very worried and continuously praying for their favourite star’s recovery. After treatment, the actor is now completely fine and has returned home. Meanwhile, recently, his wife Deepti Talpade discussed the entire incident in a conversation.

She mentioned that as soon as the news of the heart attack came, Akshay insisted on taking Shreyas to a hospital with better facilities for proper care and treatment. Deepti also revealed that film director Ahmed Khan and his wife had also visited the hospital late at night to inquire about Shreyas’s condition.

Deepti further explained that Akshay Kumar kept calling them repeatedly, asking, “Should we shift him? Tell us, we’ll shift him to another hospital.” She added that in the morning, Akshay called again and requested to let him see Shreyas for two minutes.

During this conversation, they expressed gratitude to everyone in the Hindi and Marathi film industries for their tremendous support during this difficult time. Shreyas Talpade also described the unprecedented support he received from his colleagues.

He revealed in a conversation that the heart attack was a life-changing experience for him, occurring after returning from shooting “Welcome to the Jungle” in Mumbai, where he acts alongside Akshay Kumar.

Additionally, he will be seen in a pivotal role directed by Kangana Ranaut in the film “Emergency,” portraying the character of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Audiences are eagerly awaiting the release of this film.