“Let’s Not Divide People And Country Further,” Says Sonu Nigam On Ongoing Language Debate

The Runway 34 actor Ajay Devgan gets into a language debate after the Kiccha Sudeep’s tweet on the National language. Kiccha Sudeep tweeted, “Hindi is no longer the national language of India”. Responding to the same, Devgn had shared, “My brother, if according to you Hindi is not our national language then why do you release your movies by dubbing them in Hindi? Hindi was, is and always will be our mother tongue and national language. Jan Gan Man.”

Meanwhile, Ajay Devgan shared a tweet and resolved the differences between them by saying, “Thanks for clearing up the misunderstanding. I’ve always thought of the film industry as one. We respect all languages and we expect everyone to respect our language as well. Perhaps, something was lost in translation.”

Now, the controversy adds another name to the language debate ‘Sonu Nigam.’ Singer Sonu Nigam was spotted at the event, FICCI Flo. He was asked about his views on the language debate between Kiccha Sudeep and Ajay Devgan. Sonu Nigam said, “Let’s not divide the people and country further.”

He then added, “First I don’t think that it is written anywhere in the constitution of India that Hindi is our national language. As far as I know and the experts I asked, nowhere is it written. But, Hindi is the most spoken language. Having said that, are we aware that Tamil is the world’s oldest language, there is a debate between Sanskrit and Tamil. Now, do we face fewer issues with other countries that we want to raise issues within our own country? Why do this? Why have these discussions? Why make enemies within your own country by classification? Let people speak in whichever language they want, let them chill. Our courts pass judgment in English, in flights the air hostess speaks English, and they do not speak Hindi. English has become part of our culture, we need to accept this. Let’s not divide people in this country; there are already enough issues to deal with, we don’t need more.”

After the reply of Sonu Nigam, let’s see what will be the reaction of Ajay Devgan and Kiccha Sudeep on it. This language debate will be going to end or other big names will be going to take a dig at it?.

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