“I would like to propagate education,” Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar on what she wishes to do in the coming years

Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar is on a serious mission post winning the crown and we wonder all what glory she is to bring to our nation in the coming years. Currently, Manushi Chhillar is touring across India for the ‘Beauty With Purpose’ project that is currently dealing with menstrual hygiene. Before she was crowned as Miss World, she as a medical student was working with Project Shakti, which was a project in Haryana that focused on educating women on menstruation. She further went on to win the Beauty with a Purpose Award at the Miss World 2017 final for her menstrual hygiene awareness campaign.

Recently she was on a four-day tour that covered Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Siliguri. She also went on to make jute sanitary pads at the Indian Jute Industries Research Association in Kolkata during her recent four-day tour.

Pic Credit : Ramesh Sharma

Yesterday, for the first time ever 2 Miss Worlds – Miss World 2017 and Miss World 2016 along with 6 other Miss World Continental Winners came under one roof for the ‘Beauty With Purpose’ project. The beautiful ladies joined hands with India’s highly acclaimed and globally awarded leader in menstrual hygiene, Aakar Innovations.

During the press conference yesterday in Delhi at the Foreign Correspondents Club of South Asia, Manushi shared how she is working on her sole aim of spreading happiness all across. She believes that with the Miss World crown comes great responsibility and there is a lot she wishes to give back to the nation.

Pic Credit : Ramesh Sharma

When asked as to what extent will her campaign #BeautyWithPurpose be able to break stereotypes related to menstruation, she said, “I think my project is about promoting health and I think wherever there is science, there is no taboo. So once people understand the science behind menstruation, all the taboos and myths that are associated with it will automatically be busted.”

Also, we asked Manushi, what all she wishes to achieve in the coming years. She shared, “In any field, when you are educated when you know the logic behind it. I am a science student and I come from a family where almost everyone studied science. For me, life works on logic and every practice has to have a reason behind it. So anything that we do in life, any kind of taboo which is associated with things must have a reason. If one doesn’t have a reason behind it, they must not blindly follow. As a person, who has done so much in life and so much confidence just because of education, I would like to propagate education and education itself can bust so many myths, not just in menstrual hygiene.”


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