Lock Upp: Nisha Rawal Reveals What She Will Do If Kangana Ranaut Threatens Her, “I Will…”

Lock Upp, Kangana Ranaut’s reality program, will premiere on ALT Balaji and MX Player on February 27th, 2022, and Nisha Rawal is one of the competitors. Lock Upp, Kangana Ranaut’s next reality program, is expected to be one of the year’s most anticipated series. Nisha Rawal, an Indian actress, was announced as a participant in the program on February 21st.

It was on Instagram when Nisha said she would be taking part in Lock Upp with the caption, “Because daily soaps aren’t enough drama for me, my life is asli Hungama!” On February 27th, you can watch “LockUpp” live on @altbalaji and @mxplayer for free. Nisha recently talked to us about Kangana Ranaut, the show’s host.

I am unbelievably thrilled to perform with her,” Nisha remarked when asked whether she was looking forward to working with Kangana. Kangana was the perfect host for the event. She is a strong-willed lady, and I admire her for that. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether I like what she does or not; what counts is that Kangana stands up for what she believes in.

Reality programs often feature competitors getting into verbal altercations with the show’s host. “I believe it is a concept that initially occurs to two individuals. For instance, I would say ‘A’ and Kangana would respond with ‘B’ or vice versa,” Nisha said when asked how she would handle a disagreement with Kangana if she ever encountered one.

Since my opinions and hers are hers, I will make sure that my message is given politely but firmly since I fully appreciate that. For me, fighting is the best way to determine the character of a guy, and I’m sticking to my guns. While there are many approaches to this, I’d use one: “You can always bring your idea through in a reasonable manner,”

Starting on February 27th, 2022, Lock Upp will be available to watch on ALT Balaji and MX Player. Poonam Pandey was the first participant to be announced, while the producers haven’t revealed the rest of the competitors yet.