Look at these 5 points before moving in together

By admin

December 29, 2017

You’ve been daring each other since pretty long and you both consider each other as other’s saviors. So now you decide to take a step forward in your relationship and you somewhere make a point on that. You decide to move in, to live together under one roof, on one bed. Yes, this is for sure a great step to be taken but it might turn into one of yours worst nightmares. So, it’s really important that you talk about it, discuss it over your dates and conversations.

Here are some tips that might help you with moving in.

1, Talk, Talk and Talk:

Before you both move in, you need to talk it over. You actually need to find out if he decision about living together was yours only or you both want that. Discuss the reasons why you both need to live together. Will this be a step towards your marriage or you are just keeping it usual. It’s is very important to find the answer to these questions before you move in so you could live happily.

2, Decide the place:

After realizing that you both are good with living in together, start looking for places. Decide where you want to take the apartment. You two might already have an apartment but it might also be miles from each other’s working place. Surely, you don’t want to travel for hours to your work place and come back to your partner in the night all exhausted and tired.

3, The “money talk”:

You both might have different perspectives when it comes to spending and savings. And it might break you down when you come to know that your partner doesn’t do well when it comes to finances. So, sit down and talk about how are you both going to manage the bills and expenses. Decide beforehand if you both will bear the bills equally or will you pay some and others expenses will be paid by your partner.

4, understand the other’s position:

While your partner may have a huge circle from work, try welcoming them from a warm heart. Yes, being a host could be a problem like who of you both will make the arrangements and who will cook. Try and understand that now that you two are going to live together you need to welcome each other’s guests. If you don’t want to be there when the guests arrive or you have something really important work to do, decide beforehand where are you going to crash.

5, prepare yourself for best and the worst:

Waking up with your partner might the best feeling you could have but having sleepless nights because your partner snored the whole night is really not good. On one hand it could be advantageous to live with someone you rely upon and love but on the other hand it might disappoint you that they are not as tidy as you thought. You might not know about these things till you actually make the move. But talking thinking about these beforehand might be mentally prepared to face all these.