Look Fabulous In The Changing Season, Be Monsoon Ready!

During the monsoon season, humidity brings out the stickiness in our skin and makes a havoc of our daily makeup routines. Applying makeup which is monsoon friendly and good for us can be a bit tricky, here are few tips for being monsoon ready and taking on the rains:

Ice It Up:

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After washing your face, just take a few cubes of ice and wrap them in tissue or cotton cloth. Now, rub them gently over your face and on the neck for few minutes. This is make the skin smoother and the pores will appear smaller, making the blending of makeup much easier.

Less Is More:

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Unlike other seasons, when we can use different moisturizer and creams to keep our skin hydrated, skin care in this season does not require a lot of moisturizing. Access of moisturizing can cause unwarranted stickiness. A simple cream will keep your skin nourished the whole day.

 Avoid Heavy Foundations:

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Due to the humidity in the weather, skin is bound to feel sticky and if we add a heavy foundation to the mix, things are bound to go wrong. A heavy layer of foundation can cause the whole look to appear cakey, so it is better to use light or minimal foundation or even a BB cream to start your routine.

Eyebrow Pencil:

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Using brow pencil to fill your brows is the only way to go in monsoon season. Eyebrow powder can get clumpy and has a probability washed away if you get wet in the rain or sweat a lot. Eyebrow pencil sticks to the skin and has no danger of smudging.

Waterproof Eyes:

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Use waterproof eyeliner and mascara for your eyes. In essence, eye makeup is the prominent feature of daily makeup, without it, the whole look is incomplete. So, holding the makeup in its place is very important, waterproof liners and mascara help in achieving that.

Powder Power:

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Your compact becomes your best-friend in this season. The easiest way to get rid of the stickiness of the face is to use the compact powder. Keep a compact with you at all times during the season, it helps in making the makeup not look clumpy & manages to ward the stickiness.


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