New Year brings with itself unbridled new trends when it comes to fashion. But even if they change, you can be sure that they will come back. Similar is the story of a pair of sunglasses. It is a necessary accessory for the day as the sun beats down on you especially during the spring and summer seasons. Not only do they add a dab of sophistication to your look, they also infuse a touch of chic to your style, making you feel confident and look attractive, grabbing every passerby’s gaze. Thus wearing the right shade that can suit your face cut and features is a must. So, here are a few trends you need to follow in 2017 while choosing the perfect shades to match your outfits.

Splurge on multiple pairs of fun and functional eyewear in 2017 just like your numerous pairs of shoes and purses for different occasions. After all, why would you want to dress your face in the same outfit every day?

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Big is beautiful: If you are wondering whether oversized sunglasses are still in fashion, the answer is a loud and resounding yes! The year 2017 will witness big-framed sunglasses as a must-have accessory to look classy while hinting at the nonchalant attitude of your favourite movie stars. Size may not always matter but when it comes to sunnies, it totally does!

 Adorn some bling with your UV protection: According to Mr. Ganesh Iyer, Country Head,, “It’s time to add some drama to your eye gear by adding a touch of bling to it without compromising on the UV protection. Many people assume sunglasses are a mere fashion accessory but they are much more beyond that. Primarily designed to reduce the risk from the Ultraviolet illumination rays that cause damage to your eyes, women chasing the latest style of sunglasses must ensure that they make their eyes feel comfortable with high-quality UV protected sunglasses

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Aye, Woman! Sporty, pilot, and retro Sunglasses are back for you: “Yes, we agree that sporty sunglasses are far from being feminine, but these fashionable frames are built to resist tough outdoor workouts without making you look silly. Meanwhile, when we talk about owning a pair of pilot or retro square sunglasses, we are sure a majority would have raised their hands. Pilot & Retro Sunglasses have reached cult-level popularity within the modern fashion circuit,” says Ganesh Iyer.

Double wire rim sunglasses: Double wire rim sunglasses are among the hottest eyewear trends that are presented for this year. Sunglasses with double rims are not preferred by most of the women for their big size. However, they can provide us with a lovely and unique look especially when the used rims are thin. Moreover, using double rims provides the sunglasses with extra support. Double rims are used in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Aviator sunglasses: These classic sunglasses refuse to leave us and insist on being with us every year. For this reason, there are new changes that are added to these sunglasses to make them catchier and more impressive for both men and women. In this year, you will find aviator sunglasses with colored lenses and frames, double rims, clear lenses, marble frames and umber shades.

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 Dark lenses: Do you want to completely hide your eyes to protect them from sunlight especially during spring and summer seasons? If your answer is yes, then buy sunglasses with dark lenses. Dark lenses are perfect for all seasons and they are among the classics that are loved by almost all men and women. To make your dark lenses catchy and not boring, you can add chains that have the ability to give the sunglasses a new look.

 Say good bye to blacks and browns as bright tones are making way: “Ditch those boring and monochrome black, grey and brown coloured shades and stop playing safe. Now is the time to don those chic blue, green, yellow, orange and baby pink shades, considering that they combine both a flirty, feminine style and a retro vibe. Seems like the yesteryears are back and it’s time you embrace them!” says Ganesh Iyer.



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