Looking At The Top 5 Types Of Fashion

Fashion is a humongous industry that involves a lot of moving parts and plenty of perplexing factors. It can be so big, in fact, that even experts can sometimes get confused with what’s going on even if they like to pretend that they aren’t.

So, to help those who might not have as much insight into the fashion industry get a better idea of what they are dealing with, it might be best to look into the most basic types of fashion there are. They can learn more when they visit us, but for now, these top 5 types should do.


This is basically the timeless kind of fashion style, which is often labelled as conservative or traditional. It’s your typical work attire or formal outfit, which you would put on during conventions or political events. Much like everything else, they can either be drab or they can be crisp and chic. Which one your attire is would be entirely up to you.


Categorized as fashion-forward, up-to-date, or runway-ready, the Trendy fashion type is quite popular among younger fashion enthusiasts because of how current it is. It’s basically whatever is currently “in” or chic among others in the industry.

Usually, the trend is set by known fashion figures such as supermodels, reality TV stars, movie stars, and the like. At times, it also happens organically such as when a certain type of Trendy fashion concept catches fire and spreads, as you’ll learn when you click here.


Contrary to what the name might suggest, Sporty doesn’t just mean that athletic outfits. This style basically means outfits or combos that are easy to move in, active, and practical. This is the kind of fashion type that most people subscribe to on a daily basis whenever they wear jeans, shorts, or shirts. Of course, you would have to be aware of what you’re doing as you are picking out the pieces.


Lots of dresses, skirts, soft tops, coats, and other pieces of clothing that evoke the female form, the Feminine fashion type is all about accentuating what makes women feel beautiful, elegant, and powerful. Ladies show off their influence by being subtle and their strength by being gentle. These are the images that this type is supposed to invoke.


Finally, there’s the Trendsetter or as it is often alternatively called, the weird, the eccentric, or the dramatic. This is the type that the truly bold, brave, and theatrical use in order to differentiate themselves from the crowd. The bigger and momentous the event, the more daring the choices of outfits become.

Typically, this is where the chosen pieces contrast in terms of themes, color, fabric, texture, and even purpose. If you have ever noticed celebrities going about in only their bathrobes, in utility outfits, or as Lady Gaga famously did, in pieces of meat, their choice falls under this category.

Suffice it to say, this is not the most advisable type of fashion that anyone should get into because it could go very, very wrong. Unless you have a certain level of expertise, charm, charisma, or personal appeal, it will take quite a bit of practice before you can even think about pulling off being a Trendsetter.


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