Summer is here and it’s time to quit being a couch potato and motivate yourself to achieve a lean and healthy bikini body. It is the season to go on vacations on beautiful beaches and flaunt that beach body. Here are 10 things you can do to lose those extra kilos and get a summer body:


1. Set a goal

First things first, the key to achieving big things is to plan right. Setting up a realistic goal can make it easier for you to actually achieve that goal. So if you aim to lose a few kilos, you need to set a goal first. Make sure you stick to that goal for a definite period of time.


2. Drink a lot of water

Water is panacea like liquid for all your health issues. There is hardly any ailment that can’t be prevented by drinking a lot of water. It is certainly helpful for people who want to lose weight. Drinking more water gives your stomach a false feeling of being full. Hence you eat less. Water also helps you detoxify your inner digestive system.


3. Substitute sugar with honey

White and refined sugar is the most harmful to our body. It is not practical to completely eliminate sugar from your meals. So it is better to substitute white sugar with more natural and organic products such as honey, brown sugar, stevia, coconut sugar etc.


4. Switch from refined oil to olive oil

Refined oil or vegetable oil is the most commonly and widely used cooking oil today. But little do we know, refined oil is extremely harmful to our body. It causes the increase of fat storage in our body. It is wise to switch to healthier oils like olive oil, coconut oil etc.


5. Must exercise

Now, this is one mandatory thing to do. Doesn’t matter how healthy you eat, it is not possible to lose weight without working out. If your body isn’t habitual of exercising, start out by trying an easy beginners’ routine. Do that daily and gradually increase the intensity of the exercise.


6. Say NO to processed food

According to our elders, there is a rule of thumb when it comes to food. ‘Anything that comes in a packaged form, is bad for you’. Although this rule isn’t possible to follow in the modern world today because every food item comes in a packet. It isn’t possible to completely avoid processed food. But what you can do is you can avoid eating processed food as much as you can.


7. Consume fewer carbs at night time

Carbs take essential for our body but as they take longer to process, it better to avoid those food items at night that are high in carbs. Limit such food items to daytime eating.


8. Eat small portions

Eating smaller portions divided into multiple meals a day is much healthier than eating 2-3 heavy meals. If you are someone who finds it hard to eliminate certain food items completely from your diet, then the easier and effective option for you is to make the portion size of your meals smaller.


9. Go green

Eating more green and leafy vegetables also help you in losing weight and stay in shape. Green vegetables are very healthy as they provide all the necessary nutrients to our body and keep us active, light and energetic throughout the day.


10. Dump your weighing scale

Constantly weighing yourself on the weighing scale isn’t only borderline crazy, it also sometimes gives you false impressions. If you want to check the results of your exercise and healthy diet then use an inch tape. That will give you real results.