Love Can Be Contagious, But Your Wedding Is Not!

There is a huge possibility that people planning a wedding this year are spending a hell of a lot of time thinking about strategies of sanitization and hygiene before even picking the wedding attires.

The market of Indian Weddings is considered to be a robust market of around $60 billion and has been seeing an immense upheaval with the pandemic. In this age of Google Meet and Zoom, a brand new entrant is taking the position of the star of the show.

Sanitizers in weddings in this era took the place of paani puri stalls literally. The industry of Covid Weddings has been opening a broader market for hygiene products.

Though Weddings is in the country are an opportunity of bonding with friends and relatives, because of the constant pandemic there might be no possibility to have every person for the milestone of the life. And to make sure there is a maximum amount of safety, wedding cards can be replaced with e-vites. The Tip here is to give the loved ones who could not be invited a glance at the wedding including a streaming link of the virtual video of the wedding event.

Destination weddings seem to be back again this year given the smaller amount of guests. The outdoor weddings amid the natural surroundings with lush green lawns and beautiful beaches can help in the implementation of norms and regulations of social distancing, along with creating an ambiance that is calm for enjoying the celebrations.


In these kinds of circumstances, A la carte seems to be a much more hygienic and safer option in comparison to the buffet as food stalls are served directly at the tables individually by the gloved servers. Food must also be sourced from vendors who are reliable and trustworthy complying with every norm of hygiene starting from preparation to the transportation of food.

Given that the wedding ceremonies are quite intimate now, the budget can also be more elastic. Following your budget and preferences, you can embrace the economy, and avoid the wasted usage of money for lavish lunches for the guests or expensive decorations.

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