You meet someone, you go on dates, you like him, his company, and a week later you say    ‘I LOVE YOU’, but in reality is it actually love or its just sheer infatuation towards him? Where is the fine line? Why are we on fast track even in the matter of love? Falling in love takes time, infatuation doesn’t. Infatuation is just the beginning of love and not vice versa. And no, love and infatuations are not synonyms of each other. Infatuation is short lived. What comes after infatuation, is love. So, read the following lines and know the difference!

  1. Perception

Infatuation makes you behave like a completely different person. Sometimes you even end up showing the other one something that you’re not. But when in love, it doesn’t matter, because you know no matter what, the other one will accept you.


  1. That day is not far away!

Well, as said earlier, infatuations are short lived. In that period, you’ll like everything about that person, their food preferences, habits, dressing style, etc and even follow the same. But sooner or later, those likings will disappear.

  1. Opening up your heart

Love makes you share the deepest of secrets and feelings that you have, while infatuation will limit it only to the surface level.

  1. Knowing the other one.

You start studying him, his actions, his habits, to really know him in and out, even if it’s about his darkest hour, then its love. If its infatuation, you really don’t care.

  1. United we stand.

You will put up a good fight for your relationship till the end. Even if the world doubts on you, you still will not deter. This is love. Whereas, on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to take the hassle.

  1. His short comings.

When in infatuation, you’ll only see his good side and you completely ignore the negative personality in him. But you know you’re in love, you’re in for the long run, and then you will accept both the pros and cons in him.

  1. Break up is just a game.

You break up and your heart burns. But three days later, you get attracted to someone else. Clearly it was infatuation. Cause a real break up will make you mourn for the person for months to come, leave alone liking someone.

  1. Go home, you’re just rebounding!

If you’re dating someone, but you are still remembering your ex more than you should, then this relationship is purely based on infatuation. You are just rebounding with infatuation, that’s all!

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