Madhurima Tuli Gives An Epic Reply A Her Ex Vishal Wishes Her Happy Birthday On The Wrong Date

Boss 13 is over but the Contestants that lived inside the house and attracted so much popularity are in no mood to let go of the stardom so easily. They’re constantly following up on their social media to ensure they stay in the limelight. And now, we have some of the best Bigg Boss 13 inmates, Madhurima and Vishal with a new story.

So apparently, someone with his tecnical skills changed Madhurima’s birth date on wikipedia. And all her fans and friends started wishing her for her birthday. What happened next was hillarious, her ex, even Vishal called the actress and wished her on the wrong date. For those who don’t know, the actress’s birthday falls on 19 August and Vishal and she went put with each other for the longest time.

Speaking to SpotboyE about the same, Madhurima said, “I don’t know who made this change and I am unable to correct the date. I have tried it many times but couldn’t. I am overwhelmed to receive fans messages twice a year. I feel great though. It’s been 2-3 years I have been facing this goof-up.” She also talked about Vishal not remembering her birthday, she shared, “Vishal called me to wish me and I was like ‘Kaisa pyar tha’ you don’t even remember my birthday. He didn’t remember my birthday. But ya, he told me he was confused with the dates but I am glad. At least he called.”

Talking about the equation, Madhurima said, “We are just friends. We were not meant for a relationship.” Vishal had opened up about his fights with his ex, Madhurima in the Bigg Boss house, In an interview with TellyChakkar, he had recalled those incidents and had said, “A relationship needs to be handled even after a breakup and we both couldn’t manage it properly and because of this mismanagement we had a troubled equation in Bigg Boss 13 house.”

He further said, “I don’t have any grudges for her in my heart. We are still friends… but it does not mean we meet every day or talk every day. We have moved on from our fights. We behave maturely now. No harsh feelings for her and there is not ‘dushmani’ (hostility) between Madhurima and me.”