Maharashtra Waterfall ‘Flows’ Upwards Due To Strong Winds, See The Pictures Inside.

Our country is a land filled with hidden gems. To see breathtaking waterfalls and hills, you do not need to visit northern states only. Because states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Andhra Pradesh have several waterfalls with beautiful green hilly views.

Recently, a video of one such waterfall went viral on Instagram. The most astonishing thing about this waterfall is that the water seemed to flow upwards due to strong winds. So, here’s the Kalu Waterfall in Maharashtra’s Malshej Ghat Region! The viral video was originally posted by Instagram user Yash Mayekar. The Kalu Waterfall is the highest in the Malshej region and is a popular destination for road-trippers.

Yash Mayekar’s Post

Kalu waterfall is one such hidden treasure in Maharashtra. It is the highest and largest waterfall in Malshej Ghat Region. It is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra in the monsoon. The total height of the waterfall is around 370m which is broken down into multiple stages. There are five stages or steps of the waterfall. Kalu falls region is highly eroded along with its sister falls known as Reticha Zura. These are also known as Malshej Waterfalls along with many other small waterfalls. It originates from the Harishchandragad mountains and flows through Khireshwar village. The height of the waterfall is about 1200 feet.


This one is a seasonal waterfall – dry during summers and dangerous during the monsoon. The best time to visit this waterfall is during September and October. This beauty is about 130 kilometers away from Pune. Its gigantic size and listing to its sound give you vibes to a whole new level. We cannot express these feelings in words, but sometimes all you have to do is to feel those moments.

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