Mahesh Bhatt Compares Alia’s Journey To Be As Difficult As Kangana’s In An Old Video, Checkout Here!!!

Mahesh Bhatt, who recently spoke out against nepotism in the film industry, was heard in an old video saying that Alia Bhatt’s journey is comparable to Kangana Ranaut’s. Online users responded to it strongly. Currently, a previous clip of Mahesh Bhatt discussing Kangana’s criticisms of nepotism in Bollywood is going viral on social media, and online users are expressing their outrage in a strong manner.

Mahesh Bhatt reveals his daughter, Alia Bhatt’s journey in the industry is similar to Kangana Ranaut or any other actress in the industry

Mahesh Bhatt was asked about nepotism in the film industry during an old interview with NDTV. He was asked, “You are from the industry, your daughter is doing really well on her own, and now they are three independent women who come from the outside and have carved out a niche for themselves. What say you? Mahesh Bhatt responded by saying that while he agreed with Kangana’s assessment of nepotism, Alia Bhatt’s journey is comparable to that of any actress working in the business. In his own words: 

“See there is no deny, Kangana was right in a way, the film industry world is inward looking. Its like a kind of fortress but to say that every narrative of every achiever is very easy because they take birth in a family which is of a filmmaker in untrue. Like the climb for Alia from Juhu to box-office was as difficult as Kangana’s climb, of these girls climb. Just because she came from a privileged environment, infact the odds are against you, the knives are out, because people are too eager to tell you your part and thank god the part may or break people.”

Mahesh continued, “Its not with us, its with the people out there. After the first show starts and the images begin to flicker, is the relationship of the screen and the audience. No matter who you think you are.” Soon after, Vidya Balan, who was also a member of the show’s guest panel, shared her opinions on the idea of nepotism. She uttered:

“I may not have faced nepotism but I can’t take away from what she is saying like our experiences are different. But I have also not wanted to work with the camps that are within the industry. Like there are camps in the industry. People keep on asking me. Yes, there are. But I have never wanted to be part of any camp. I enjoy the fact that I get to work with different people who are offering me with so much. I’am very happy with my career lined up.”

Netizens reacted strongly to Mahesh Bhatt’s video

However, as soon as Mahesh’s video was posted on social media, internet users were offended by his claim that Alia Bhatt’s journey was similar to that of any other actress in her field. As one user sarcastically put it: “No, see, Alia didn’t have a posh driver to take her to the studio offices. Mahesh Dalle and Soni personally had to take her. It’s much difficult than flying in a plane from HP to Mahrashtra”, another user penned, ” Am I the only one who thinks this Bhatt family is pathetic? I can’t stand them even for a second.”  To watch the video, click here.

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