Mahesh Bhatt was massively slammed after the suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput. It was believed that he had something to do with suicide. Now, on Sushant Singh Rajput’s one month death anniversary, Mahesh Bhatt took to his twitter handle to share a tweet and this led to further trolling.

Sharing a random picture of two kids where one is seen sad while the other is seen consoling him, Mahesh Bhatt tweeted, “When the time comes to make a choice between empathy and apathy. It’s often tempting to look away from another person’s pain rather than make the effort to help. Let’s face it – being kind is hard.” Even though Mahesh Bhatt didn’t mention Sushant’s name, netizens were quick to put two and two together. Check out the tweet below:

Mahesh Bhatt tweet after a month of Sushant Singh Rajput suicide

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Soon, Netizens started trolling the filmmaker for his philosophical tweet. One of the users wrote, “All your philosophy will die when you face the truth.  At that moment it’s difficult for you to control your mind. Soon you realise the power of karma.” While another one commented, “You nailed it. Truth cannot be hidden for long. Exactly for this reason that SSR was doled out apathy when he required empathy. Your complicity is so very evident when corroborated with all evidence. #justiceforSushantforum”

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