‘Majnu Bhai Ki Painting…’: Netizens Mock Gauri Khan For Selling A Dustbin For 15K!

Megastar Shah Rukh Khan’s wife Gauri Khan is one of the most sought after designers in India. She has made a good impression with her brilliant designs in the home decor industry. From Bollywood celebrities to popular businessmen of Asia, Gauri has turned designer for big names multiple times. She is doing great in her field of transforming the homes into ‘lavish’ abodes.

Of late, Gauri Khan is grabbing a lot of headlines. She recently embroiled in a controversy over a purchase of property and now, Gauri is shocking everyone with the price of her luxury home decor products on a website.

According to reports, Gauri Khan has turned heads with her products. Netizens are stunned not with the designs of these products but with their price tags. Even the simplest of things like a dustbin has been tagged at over Rs. 15,340 while a shell table lamp at Rs. 1,59,300.

Now, these whopping price tags is causing a havoc online. Social media users are trolling the star wife as her products are beyond the budget of an ordinary human being.

Reacting to the same, a user wrote, “My mom looked at the shell lamp and said, ‘Itne paise mein toh hum Andaman jaake shells laa ke khud hi chipka lein lamp pe.” Another joked, “Majnu Bahi ki painting isse better hain in name of art”. A third one stated, “The designs aren’t even nice but the price is exorbitantly high.” “No matter how rich you are, why would you spend Rs 15K on a dustbin,” read a fourth comment.

For the unversed, Gauri Khan established her own home decor company ‘Gauri Khan Designs’ in 2013. Her brand sells luxe unique and antique products at expensive rates.