Making Your Budget Work As A Fashion-Forward Woman 

As new fashion brands flock to establish their presence in different cities in India and technological awareness continues to spur e-commerce fashion sales, it is easy to be swept up in the typhoon that is referred to as staying fashionably relevant. Each year, women spend around ₹80,000 crore on beauty and 50 percent of Indians spend ₹500-₹2,500 on clothing monthly. With Bollywood celebrities like Anushka Sharma spurring fashion admiration from millions, the common end result is witnessing hundreds of young women heading to the stores in a bid to obtain the trending styles as the risk of going beyond their budget. However, staying fashionably trendy does not have to mean going beyond your means. If you are shopping savvy and know the budget-friendly shopping spots in India, you can get your look for much less.

Build A Budget Before Heading Out 

Knowing how much you can comfortably afford is half of the battle of staying within your budget. When you know how much you can spend, you can then adjust your shopping methods and desires to this. We spend a substantial amount of money on fashion each year but according to a financial planner, we should only be spending 5 percent of our income on clothing each month. One way to approach this is to add this budgeted spend into your monthly budget as a standard bill. Even if you don’t spend the amount one month, it can go into a dedicated savings pot to accumulate for later purchases such as sale seasons. This way you won’t feel the pinch of one-off large shopping bills.

Rentals Are Fashionable Again-For Your Wallet

Fashion attire rental is still a relatively new concept to Asia but around the world, it is being embraced by fashion lovers. Many India based fashion rental platforms and websites including Rent An Attire and Flyrobe allow you to wear premium and designer brands for a specified period and a small fee. Best of all, this applies to different aspects of fashion from ethnic wear and western outfits to jewellery, shoes, and handbags. Without the full purchase price to worry about, you can have the best of both worlds; wear the style and stay within budget. A nifty trick for shoppers is to use or maximize cashback rewards of loyalty and credit cards by using them to pay for rentals and then making the cash payments onto your card. This way you get the shopping rewards from your card usage while paying a fraction of cost to use the item and keep your credit intact.

Time Your Store Visits And Nail Down Their Flash Sales

One of the ways to save money when shopping for clothing is to time your purchases to coincide with seasonal and semi-annual sales. Keep in mind that stores are normally packed during sale season as everyone heads to the store with the exact mission as yourself: get the fashion for a fraction of the price. Scoping out store websites and signing up to the newsletters can help you get advance notice of sale dates and help you time your visit. In addition, don’t be afraid to head on down the street to other vendors to compare prices. In sale seasons, most stores slash prices and a common mistake shoppers make is to zoom in on a particular retailer without looking at competing stores. While both stores may be offering 40 percent off, one store may have had a lower list price to begin, which means a lower sale price. Finally, don’t be afraid to haggle even in a sale.

Seek Out The Bargain Quarters

India is awash with fashion shopping destinations and that includes spots for those on a budget. Bargain street shops and cities are great for refreshing your wardrobe, being apart of the current trend or even putting your own spin on a trend, all for inexpensive prices. Cities like Kashmir are great for those seeking antique or unique items including jewellery and accessories. While the more popular cities such as Chennai and Delhi are more known for the fashion shops, they are also the home of luxury brands and tourist favoured which means prices are typically higher than necessary. Save a few rupees and head off the beaten path; immersing yourself in local markets can lead you to beautiful fashion finds for a bargain.

As a fashion-forward female, keeping up with the latest trends will mean buying the latest styles to hit the market. However, there is a fine line between satisfying your fashion appetite and keeping your bank account happy. Before you head out shopping always arm yourself with a budget. Know how much you can spend and from this, you can use any one of these suggestions to make your fashion goals become a reality- for cheap.