Malaika Arora Reveals That Arhaan Khan Will Make His Screen Debut Soon!

Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has a big online fan base. Photos of her quickly become viral every time she appears in public with her pals or her boyfriend, Arjun Kapoor.

She has recently been in the news since she is the creator of the web series Moving In With Malaika. She is making her first OTT appearance with this. She will appear in both informal and formal settings during the performance. She may be heard discussing being teased in the first teaser video, which was recently made available to the public.

Moving in with Malaika

Recently, Malaika Khan confirmed in an interview that her son Arhaan Khan would also appear on the program. Malaika told News18 that her son was over the moon about the program’s potential. The young star that shines the brightest was away at school.

According to the actress, her son has “inspiring ideas” for the project. When asked to share Arhaan’s thoughts about the program, Malaika said as follows: “His devotion is extraordinary.” I was told to leap at that moment by him. His interest is immediately piqued by the way the presentation is unfolding. Alternatively, he will perform.

Arhaan is excited about his forthcoming role, and there is still a ton of filming to do. He has been absent from school for a while, but I have been looking forward to his return so that we may begin shooting. He has some fantastic suggestions for the project. At that moment, things will become very interesting, and he’s already asked me, “Paisa milega na?” (laughs).

Arbaaz Khan

Arbaaz Khan said in a recent interview with Pinkvilla that his son is considering a career in the movies. As he let go, he said, “He’s still too young to make any meaningful judgments for the future.” If we wait until he graduates from school, we could learn more about his hobbies. He is eager to attend and participate in Bollywood, either acting or directing. In my opinion, he seems better suited to the film industry than other sectors.

We would not put any pressure on him to behave or appear in any manner, since we are not that kind of people. Since I believe he has a strong sense of self, we need to learn where he feels most at home. We also need to learn what he is interested in doing for a living. Since he is still discovering everything, he is now content to enjoy himself and explore. It’s helpful to know, I guess.