Malaika Arora Shares A Picture Showing A Scar On Her Forehead After A Car Accident

Malaika Arora, a Bollywood actress, had a rocky start to the month after being wounded in a vehicle accident on April 2. She has returned to work, even though she is still healing. The fitness guru posted a stunning photo on her Instagram account on Thursday, in which she can be seen sipping juice. However, the confidence with which she was displaying her forehead scar attracted everyone’s attention.

Her car was involved in a collision on the highway in Khopoli, Maharashtra, on April 2 night, for the uninitiated. The actress was on her way back after a fashion exhibition in Pune. She was transported to the hospital, where she underwent a CT scan and was placed under observation. Malaika was released the next day.

Malaika talked out about her trauma in a recent interview, saying she still has flashbacks of that night. Talking to Mi Day, she said, “It’s not something I want to remember. Nor is it something that I can forget. Physically, I am recovering, but mentally, I feel that it doesn’t go away completely. Sometimes, if I am watching a movie that depicts an accident or shows blood, I get flashes that send shivers down my spine. I have to go through the process, and will eventually be able to move past it.”

She admitted that after the accident, she wasn’t sure if she was alive or dead for a while. She informed the magazine that she was shocked and that the incident had harmed her head. According to the actress, there was too much blood and chaos to grasp what was going on.

Malaika’s actor-boyfriend Arjun Kapoor visited her during her rehabilitation. Following the tragedy, Malaika’s sister Amrita Arora and closest friend Kareena Kapoor were frequently seen at her home. Alvira Khan, Malaika’s former sister-in-law, had also visited Malaika immediately after the tragedy.

Malaika Arora is best known for judging television reality series such as India’s Next Model and India’s Best Dancer. She has participated in a lot of famous songs throughout the years.