Mandira Bedi Doing Push-Ups in Saree And Heels Is Breaking…

Mandira Bedi is a true personification of fitness goals. The lady has been pushing herself to become fitter and stronger ever since she has risen to fame. So much so that even 20-year-olds find it hard to be as active as she is at the age of 45. And that’s how the phrase, ‘Age is just a number’ best fits in her case. She became a mother in 2011 and in no time was able to cut down on her post-pregnancy fat.

Mandira’s fitness journey got kick-started when she participated in Khatron Ke Khiladi in 2008. Talking to a leading daily post the show, the actress had mentioned, “After the show was over, I wanted to make myself strong. At a press conference shortly after, I broke my foot, which resulted in a hairline fracture, and my first thought was, ‘How will I work out now?’”

Further, when she was asked about what it takes to get a physique like her, Bedi had said, “I work out five days a week, and make sure I include cardio every day. Apart from going to the gym, I also like to swim and run.”

So if you are thinking that the wonder woman got those toned legs and hot abs out of thin air, then you are completely mistaken. It is sheer hard work that has got her where she is today.

Also, she is no more the timid ‘Preeti’ we all saw in the film ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. The actress turned television presenter has taken the fitness standards to a whole new level.

If you don’t believe on all that we have said till now, a quick view of some of her stunning pictures will do what we couldn’t:

Oh boy, look at that!!

Just when we thought she can’t get any hotter, this came our way:


Look back.. But never in regret..

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Who can say she is a mother?

When you have it, flaunt it!

That perfect beach body:

If only our Sundays were like that of hers!

Isn’t she inspiring?

If you still don’t find her fitness game on point, we have something more interesting that will definitely force you to fall in love with her and make you believe that she is really doing something big.

Recently, Mandira took it to her social media account to share a not-so-usual yet jaw-dropping video of hers in which she is seen doing push-ups.

Now you might be wondering what is so special about doing push-ups!

Well, it definitely is when it comes to Mandira.

While most of us are still finding it hard to do push-ups in our sweats, the gorgeous lady effortlessly pulled off the exercise in a saree and that too with her heels on.

Can’t believe? Watch the video right here:

Motivated much? So why not try it next time you go out on a party with friends?



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